Preprocessor for FEM Simulations

Mesh your surface with just a few mouse clicks

QuadCover is able to generate high quality quad meshes. Therefore, it is especially suited as a preprocesor for numerical processes and FEM simulations.

Structural Analysis using a QuadCover Mesh


Automatic and without any need for user interaction. An initial mesh will be generated by the push of a button. The results can be modified manually afterwards, if needed.

Alignment of elements and edges with respect to the curvature of the surface. Therby, elements become more planar and discretization artifacts are minimized.

Uniformity of the mesh elements is optimized globally with respect to element size, inner angles and planarity of quad.

Anisotropy and local refinement. Size and aspect ratio of each element is adapted to the actual curvature of the surface.

Flush closure of elements at sharp edges, at the surface boundary, as well as on custom predefined paths.

Functional Principle

QuadCover is able to process geometries which are represented as a point cloud, a CAD surface or a polygon mesh. Additionally, it is possible to define constraints like boundary paths or any curve on the surface where the generated elements close flush with.

Out of the representation and under consideration of the constrains, the software computes a regular quadrilateral mesh. The user has the possibility to change parameters like the local alignment or the size and the aspect ratio of the quads.

Meshing from unstructured triangles to quads