Architectural Design

Easily create regular patterns on your surface

The QuadCover technology enables an intuitive creation of repetetive patterns on a surfaces. Structures made of quads, triangles, hexagons, rhombes, circles as well as irregular patterns are easily created and modified by our tool set.

Use QuadCover to…

… create a mesh of flat elements which approximate the surface:

Architectural Geometry produced with QuadCover

… create a tessellation of arbitrary design elements:

Circular Pattern generated with QuadCover

… put an image with a pattern as texture on top of the surface:

Hexagonal Pattern Generated by QuadCover

How it works

After choosing the pattern style, the software makes a first suggestion of a layout which is optimized to fit the pattern with the curvature of the surface. The user can then manually change this layout with a bunch of editing tools from our comprehensive toolset.

Input and Output, Choice of Different Mesh Types