The Future of Geometry Meshing

Simple Meshing

Creating good meshes is challenging. Not anymore – with QuadCover. Our vision is to develop a completely new methodology to automate the meshing process and invent an intuitive interaction concept for mesh design.

Starting from a CAD geometry, a point cloud or an unstructured triangle mesh, the QuadCover tools generate high quality meshes in seconds.

High Quality

superior mesh quality due to
parameteric optimization

Easy to Use

catchy and intuitive
user interface


highly automated and tested
processing pipeline

Save Time with our Automatic Mesh Generation

Open your geometry and let the software generate a mesh. The software automatically creates a highly regular mesh which can be imported into solvers for numerical simulations.

Fully Automatic generated QuadCover Mesh

Intuitive User Interaction

The automatic process optimized for an overall uniform mesh. It is possible to provide additional custom information such as important regions where the element size should be different. QuadCover provides a special drilled user-interface which allows to interact with the algorithm in a simple and intuitive way. Try it out.